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BVM's Community Coffeehouse Series

The Coffeehouse Series goes on hiatus over the summer, it will resume in September. Thanks to everyone who made this past season wonderful, we look forward to hearing from our community again soon. 

Blackstone Valley Music's Community Coffeehouse Series gives students and members of our community and neighboring towns a chance to perform at an intimate setting for a respectful audience of peers. We split the evening into one hour of open mic and one hour of a featured performer from the community or surrounding area. In 2024, we're aiming to expand our reach and bring in larger acts, but the stage remains open for any and all to perform.

Past Commuity Coffeehouses

BVM's Annual Student Recital

BVM's Annual Student Recital gives students of all skill levels, ages, and instruments a chance to perform a song for their BVM community. 

Our annual recital will take place Saturday, May 4th from 4 - 8PM at the Community Meeting House next to the First Evangelical Congregational Church in Uxbridge. Talk to your teacher about how to prepare!

Students of Blackstone Valley Music perform their musical talents for their friends and family at the 10th Annual Student Recital.

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